BeLOCAL Kirkland

Contributing Team
Image of Anne Hess

Anne Hess

Owner & Publisher

Anne owns Kirkland Living magazine and now BeLOCAL Kirkland. She loves bringing our community together through telling the stories of our neighbors and businesses. She is an active board member of the Kirkland Chamber, Kirkland Performance Center and Kirkland Downtown Association.
Image of Matt McCauley

Matt McCauley

Contributor Writer

Kirkland native Matt McCauley is an alumnus of Seattle University, majoring in Journalism, and the Seattle University School of Law. He began writing about Kirkland’s history in 1992, and in the intervening years has written hundreds of articles and two books: A Look to the Past: Kirkland and Early Kirkland.
Image of Janis Rabuchin

Janis Rabuchin

Contributor | Kirkland Blog

Janis has been a Kirkland resident for 20+ years, and loves sharing her local adventures and discoveries on the Kirkland Blog. Her humor is also enjoyed by her husband and three active teenagers, who fully recognize that her happiest moments are spent waterskiing on Lake Washington.

Image of Lukas Dal Colletta

Lukas Dal Colletta

Content Coordinator

Lukas recently graduated from Lake Washington High School. He is passionate about communities, volunteering, and traveling in order to explore different cultures. Lukas is taking a gap year this year and is pursuing an education in Business and Sustainable Design in 2021.

Image of Jennifer Dean

Jen Dean

Content Coordinator

Jen works at the Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce, where she is the Director of Operations & Finance. She lives in Kirkland with her husband, Kenneth, and two boxer/lab dogs, Samuel and Sarah. She enjoys spending time with friends, great food, and traveling. Her favorite part of Kirkland: the many picturesque waterfront views.

Image of Maggie Dolensky

Maggie Dolensky

Contributing Writer

Margaret (Maggie) Dolensky Gross is the Rental Director at ryan james fine arts. After graduating with a BFA from The University of Akron, she moved to Washington and has been working professionally in the arts since 2016. Maggie is an avid painter and hiker; and enjoys exploring the Eastside’s arts scene.

Image of Tessa Hansen

Tessa Hansen

Account Executive

Tessa is a South Sound native, and knows the PNW inside out, especially Kirkland. She works for the Kirkland Downtown Assn., as event organizer. Tess has a background in biology and spends her spare time volunteering for environmental research projects. In the summer, you can find her zipping around on her scooter.

Image of Katie Connelly

Katie Connelly

Ad Strategist

Katie has been working as an ad strategist for over five years, and loves the freedom and creativity it allows her to have. She lives in Nashville, TN, with her husband, Ante, and their rescue kitty, Tiger. They love watching European soccer, going to rock concerts, traveling, and cooking together.